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April 2016


On the 24th April 2016, Tomorrows donated another £50,000 to the CF Trust to take the amount directly donated so far by Tomorrows to £200,000. Timothy Cross, CEO of Tomorrows handed the cheque over to Dalton Grant, former GBR athlete and patron of the CF Trust.  The £50,000 donation from Tomorrows will go directly to the CF Trust’s new £750,000 international research centre to investigate gene editing for treating lung disease in all forms of cystic fibrosis.  Timothy Cross said "Tomorrows is proud to be able to contribute to another program which will hopefully try and find a cure for cystic fibrosis. Our supporters have been incredible in their fundraising and this donation is a further show of our support to the invaluable work of the CF Trust in fighting CF."  You can read more about the CF Trust's Strategic Research Centre here:


Another year and it's another hugely successful Tomorrows and Old Parkonians Charity Day to report on.

The grand total raised from Sunday's activities was £10,545.70 bringing the total raised in the 6 years we have run the Charity Day at the Old Parks to over £78,000.  It goes without saying that we cannot thank you enough for your continued participation in this event.  It is another wonderful, incredibly generous contribution from you all in the fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

The football was played in a wonderful spirit and with a great deal of quality.  The tournament winners were BGC Partners who have already agreed to defend their crown next year.  Rotterdam Wolves were unlucky to lose on penalties after the final ended in a 2-2 draw.  Over 75 players both young and not so young showed they still had plenty to offer the supporters who had braved the arctic conditions.  The commitment shown by both players and spectators was exemplary as usual.

Every penny raised on Sunday will go to try to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  The £50,000 that Tomorrows donated on the day to the CF Trust will go to fund a specific genetic editing project which is set to be announced during CF Week on May 9th this year.  The CF Trust is the focal point in the UK for everything related to Cystic Fibrosis and it is working hard to make the potential cure a reality.

Whether you were an organiser, player, supporter or just a drinker the day would not be the same without you.  It was lovely to see so many of your families at Oakfield and hopefully there will be even more next year.  This day is a true team effort and shows the amazing spirit and loyalty of the Old Parks and their friends.  Stay fit and healthy and hopefully I’ll see you all for more of the same in 2017.

Many thanks once again to you all.
All the very best,



April 2015


After the excitement of arriving at Lukla airport (having been faced with an alternative grass landing and chopper transfer) and 12 days of solid trekking through the rhododendron and magnolia covered ‘foothills’, working our way up the Hinku valley, avoiding rock-falls, crossing raging rivers by bamboo bridges, cringing at the sound of avalanches every night and scaling ice walls on fixed ropes, I summitted Mera Peak on 12th April at 08.40 as part of ‘Rope Team 1’ (consisting of two Sherpas, two fellow climbers and myself). It had taken us just under 4 hours to cover the final 3km and 650m in elevation from ‘high camp’ to the summit. Setting off at 03.00, temperatures were down to -25 C. Fortunately, the wind was not too bad (reducing the wind-chill effect) but high cirrus clouds forming over Everest, Lhotse and Makalu in the distance indicated the onset of bad weather, so after barely 15minutes on the summit we started to make our way back down, carefully crossing the numerous glacial crevasses now visible in the blinding sunlight, past ‘high camp’, past the ‘Mera La’ camp and back to base camp (a descent of ~1400m and total of about 13 hours).

The omens of bad weather were true, with 1m of snow falling overnight at base camp and continuing during the morning. With our contingency days blown through having to trek an additional 3 days around (instead of over) the Zatrwa Pass, we now faced a challenge to get back to Lukla in time for our internal flights back to Kathmandhu and civilization. It needed our Sherpas to cut a trail through the waist high snow fields down to Tagnag (where one of our number was medi-vacced out due to AMS and snow-blindness) and then down to Gotay, where the remaining members of the group were evac-ed by chopper to Lukla.

We could not have achieved this feat without the assistance of our Nepalese support team led by Phandan Sherpa (who has summited Everest 6 times) and Lakpa Sherpa (whose father summited Everest 17 times before being lost in a climbing accident). The strength and resilience of the Nepalese people are beyond compare.

I raised over £2000 in the fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and am very proud to have represented Tomorrows in my adventure.  Many thanks again for your support throughout this journey.



March 2015


On Saturday March 21st 2015 Old Parkonians F.C. hosted the 5th Annual Tomorrows Football Day. On a very chilly spring day, 50 Old Parks Legends rolled back the years and got their boots back on to raise money for Tomorrows. The crowd of family and friends were treated to a quality of football rarely seen on the Oakfield pitches. Tomorrows raised an amazing £10,792.50 which will go towards the fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Nick Clark who played on the day said, “The Old Parks are proud of the club’s association with Tomorrows and want to do everything we can to help raise funds to try and find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  This is now an annual fixture that shows the togetherness and camaraderie of the Old Parks."


June 2014


Jean Philippe Quirot successfully completed the Windsor Triathlon 2014 raising £3200.00 for Tomorrows.

Tomorrows is hugely grateful to Jean Philippe Quirot and his fantastic effort on his first Triathlon. The funds raised will go to trying to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.


April 2014


The 4th Annual Tomorrows and Old Parkonians Charity Football Day took place again this year with £11,077 being raised to help to try and find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  In the sunshine at Oakfield in Barkingside over 50 former and current players risked life and limb to play 90 minutes of football for a very worthy cause.  It was a wonderful family day out with the day growing every year into something very special.

Neil Palmer, former Vice Chairman of Old Parkonians said, "as a club we are very proud of our allegiance to Tomorrows and are committed to helping them in their work to raise funds to try and find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  We all enjoy the camaraderie that this day brings and we are pleased to contribute however we can to help."


March 2013


The third Annual Charity Day at the Old Parkonians club in Barkingside on behalf of "Tomorrows" proved just as successful and special as the previous ones. Our members and supporters raised £12750 towards the vital work to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Almost sixty former and current Parks footballers gave their time, money and effort to play in a four team tournament, which saw these "legends" once again displaying their skills and football pedigrees! It's fair to say that the pace of the matches did fade somewhat, but the spirit and camaraderie were fantastic, and all the participants (aching joints apart) thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute.

This has been really good for a club like ours in developing our community role, and it was especially pleasing to find the younger players in the club talking about the reasons we are fundraising, and staying to support the raffle and other activities on behalf of "Tomorrows"; this raising of awareness amongst our members has been an important bonus for us.

Next spring we'll be aiming to match, or even outdo, our efforts this year on behalf of "Tomorrows". Get the muscle rubs ready!

Eddie Bow, Old Parks Football Club.


January 2013


Thanks to The Placement Group http://www.tpgplc.com for donation a of £500 in lieu of Christmas Cards.

April 2012


The CEO for Tomorrows, and parent to a child with CF supported the campaign and said:

"Tomorrows are incredibly proud to be involved in the process of fundraising for the UK Gene Therapy Programme. We are delighted that the EME programme has agreed to a grant. We hope that our £150,000 donation was in some way helpful in gaining much needed funds to see the Gene Therapy work through to the next stage. We are hopeful that this is a pivotal point in the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis."



I did it!!!! I rowed 50,000 metres continuously in Physicals in South Woodford on 1st April to raise money for Tomorrows. It took me 4 hours and 47 minutes! I would like to thank everyone who rowed with me and everyone who came to cheer me on!! I would also like to thank Neil at Physicals for allowing me to host this event at his gym. http://www.physicalsfitness.co.uk. I am really pleased to have been able to do this for such a fantastic and worthwhile cause. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for all your donations. Thank you all very much, Stan.


March 2012

WE RAISED £18,593

On Saturday March 26th Old Parkonians F.C. hosted the 2nd Annual Tomorrows Football Day. On a blazing hot Spring day, 51 Old Parks Legends rolled back the years and got their boots back on to raise money for Tomorrows. The crowd of family and friends were treated to a quality of football rarely seen on the Oakfield pitches. With all donations in Tomorrows raised a huge £18,593 on the day which will go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Trial which is starting this Spring.

Ron Greenidge who played on the day said, “The Old Parks are proud of the club’s association with Tomorrows and want to do everything we can to help raise funds to try and find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. We hope the money raised will help the Gene Therapy programme over the next 2 years really try and find a cure for this life-threatening disease.”

Follow the OPFC on Twitter www.twitter.com//OldParksFC


December 2011


On 9th December 2011, St. Mary's Catholic School in Bishop's Stortford Year 13 students did a sponsored walk across the Hertfordshire countryside.  Through the generosity of all their friends and families they raised an amazing £1000 for Tomorrows.  We are really grateful for all your hard work and miles walked!!





I am writing to tell you of the most incredible time I had in New York running the marathon for Tomorrows. After 10 months of training and fund raising I could not believe I was finally to run the New York marathon on 6th November 2011. My fellow runners, Colm, Dean and I woke early and headed out by specially laid on buses to the start at Staten Island. The sun rose and it became a perfect day for the run. Cloudless blue skies and 14 degrees. At 9.40 Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York started the marathon and I was one of over 47,000 runners. Once off the Verrazano Narrow bridge we entered Brooklyn and the amazing support started. Hundreds of thousands of people, many bands, the NYPD and NYFD all getting behind the runners. There was an incredible camaraderie amongst the runners and people seemed to have come from all corners of the globe. I will never forget the New Yorkers offering drinks, fruit and even the children offering us sweets to speed our way.

I cannot claim the run was the “walk in the park” I had been promised ! Around mile 15 we entered Manhattan over the 59th street bridge and I was suffering. However, seeing my wife and friends at mile 17 I got second wind. This was unfortunately short lived and the run up 1st avenue into the Bronx seemed to take forever. The final miles through Central Park were incredibly difficult as I struggled to keep my legs going. I eventually staggered over the line in 4 hours and 6 minutes, exhausted but indescribably proud. Proud not just for having completed the marathon but for having raised some vital sponsorship for surely one of the most worthy of causes.Three days later my body is recovering but I will always remember this amazing experience. But not do it again. Charlie Squire

Thanks so much to Charlie, Colm and Dean for such a fantastic achievement and for raising money for Tomorrows.

October 2011


Thanks to everyone who ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Tomorrows on the 9th October. It was a brilliant day out and we raised £15,300 for much needed research into a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Tim Cross said “Well done and a big thank you to all runners, their sponsors and supporters.”


August 2011


The Seven Kings Golf Society nominated Tomorrows as their chosen charity for the Captain’s Golf Day 2011. They raised £1000 throughout the day and Captain Eddie Clark said “we are very pleased to support Tomorrows and recognise their work in trying to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.” Thank you to all those who played and donated to the cause!!


David Chadwick has completed his climb - it took him 1 hour, 31 minutes and he has raised £2445.00. David said ‟Thanks to all my sponsors - you really spurred me on to achieve one of my all time life ambitions.”

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored David, and a big thank you to David from everyone at Tomorrows!

May 2011


Damien Harrington completed the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 22nd May in 4hrs and 1 minute and raised a massive £7480 for Tomorrows in the process.

Damien said "I am really proud to be able to help Tomorrows raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. It is a real pleasure to be involved with a new charity such as this and to raise funds to try and help find a cure. It certainly gave me an extra push when I needed it!"

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored Damien, and to the man himself for completing the 26 miles!


Improving cystic fibrosis services for children and families at diagnosis and into the future


Jacqui Cowland is a cystic fibrosis (CF) clinical nurse at both Barts and The London Children's Hospital, directly involved the treatment and care of 125 infants and young children with CF. Threatened by reductions in public spending due to the adverse economic climate, Tomorrows are now funding Jacqui to lead a project focusing on the diagnosis of CF through the newborn screening programme (heel prick test) and the subsequent care and management of infants and children who have been diagnosed as positive. By enhancing specialist CF team care, this vital project will make a significant difference to families with young children with CF now, as well as improving patient services for families effected by CF in the future. 100% of all monetary donations go to directly to Tomorrows to fund research, care and management projects.

Jacqui Cowlard, CF Clinical Nurse Specialist for Children, Barts and The London Children’s Hospital



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