Great messages get better with great pictures. That’s why we were thrilled to bits when, as part of their comprehensive brand launch, Technicolor asked Rees & Company to photograph the new UK locations of Technicolor Creative Services. The resulting pictures of the offices at Pinewood Studios and Soho show spaces that are modern and stylish, with a focus on versatility. The photographs fit well with the desired brand image, and show highly functional yet totally creative working spaces. Technicolor Testimonial

Technicolor Brochure



The Technicolor brochure was designed to exhibit and promote the range of services and products offered by Technicolor Creative Services to potential clients or customers – and visually, it doesn’t disappoint. We used a range of product and location photographs which focus on bright colours and lights, and the effect is truly captivating!

Technicolor Email Launch Invite


Email Launch Invite

As part of the rebranding and launch of Technicolor in the UK, Rees & Company sent out a virtual invitation to the grand unveiling at the legendary Pinewood Studios. The email design was glossy and sharp like the brand itself, and featured a selection of dazzling images taken from the photoshoots based at Technicolor’s London locations, designed to tempt and tease prospective attendees with a taste of the future of post-production in the UK.

Technicolor Invite



We created an innovative, intriguing invitation with a striking yet simple design for the official launch of Technicolor Creative Services in the UK – a fold-out flyer composed of blocks of each colour featured on the Technicolor film reel logo, foil blocked and contained in a silver wrapper – and the finished result looked good enough to eat! The text on the invitation was in the form of an equation, summarising the superior services and expertise of Technicolor in very few words, leaving details about the event itself veiled in mystery, and provoking a buzz of anticipation.