Snell & Wilcox and Pro-Bel Snell & Wilcox and Pro-Bel

Snell & Wilcox and Pro-Bel

Merger Materials

When two of the biggest names in broadcasting decided to combine, they needed a compelling new brand identity, with a livelier, more solutions-based approach. Rees & Company were made responsible for all design aspects of the merger. We decided on a series of powerful images taken from nature for the announcement literature, to communicate the harmonious yet powerful creation of a new force to be reckoned with in the broadcasting world. Graphics such as the two clouds uniting, or the converging roads, echo the nature of the merger itself; the coming together of two separate entities to create one integrated, highly-functional whole. This message was further enhanced and enforced by the slick, striking launch video and a range of brochures for internal and external audiences which helped to see the new company in with a bang and show potential clients and competitors alike that they mean business! Lo and behold... Snell was born!