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New Leaf Gallery


At Rees & Company, we’re all about helping your brand to blossom. That’s why when New Leaf approached us, we were keen to help give them a brand identity shake up. As a high-end independent purveyor of sophisticated and contemporary ‘objets d’art’, New Leaf needed an image which would signify its re-invention to customers and artists alike, combining approachability and accessibility with the clean, modern identity the gallery is known for.

Rees & Company began by coming up with a fresh name, ‘New Leaf Gallery’, which we feel perfectly captures the idea of rebirth. We then designed a simple, striking brand logo – an image of a single green leaf against a stark white background. They say that sometimes a picture says a thousand words, and we feel that this graphic, along with the multi-style typography, really reflects the cutting-edge creativity of the gallery. We then leveraged these core aspects of the brand identity throughout the gallery signage, stationery, brochure and merchandise. New Leaf Testimonial